Involving Around Darwin

At TB Constructions, we are committed to community involvement through sponsorship programs, apprenticeships and being involved with Indigenous hiring programs. We work with a number of great organisations to further our mission of being a part of our local community rather than just existing within it. We believe that our strength as a business relies on the strength of our area and the people who reside here, so we do all we can to become as invested as possible.
Construction Workers — Building Services in Humpty Doo, NT

Community Involvement

We created and provide resources for the Rise Up Foundation Australia, which is dedicated to providing Indigenous youth with the opportunities needed to follow their dreams in sports, academic achievements and to become community leaders. Families, especially those in Indigenous groups, suffer social and economic difficulties living in the remote ... Read more

Indigenous Employment Strategies

It is our commitment to provide employment opportunities to Indigenous populations, and we aim to have at least 50% of our new staff come from these people. We work with them to provide apprenticeships to offer useful work and life skills, and many of our apprentices have gone on to find gainful employment with us, or with other notable ... Read more

Community Involvement

TB Construction is committed to supporting a range of local community projects and sporting teams as we believe in supporting our community that supports us. This includes we incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility across all of our actions including procurement. That is why we use Helping People Achieve to provide services for logo designs and workwear for our company to support employment for people who are disadvantaged in the community.
We support the following community organisations, sporting clubs and charities:

Ironbark Employment

TB Constructions is committed to employing local community employees through Ironbark Employment providing opportunities to our community members to have gainful employment and a better quality of life. We understand our employees have other commitments outside of work and provide flexibility in hours for personal and family commitments.

Buffalos And Palmerston Magpie Football Clubs

Both our younger employees play football for the local Buffalo’s Football and Palmerston Magpie team sand we support their club.

Casuarina Cougars Rugby Union Club

We support the local Casuarina Cougars Rugby union club in which our children and nephews are involved.

Helping people achieve

TB Constructions purchases all our workwear through Helping People Achieve to support their disability workforce.

Men's Shed In Palmerston

TB Constructions has engaged with the Men’s Shed in Palmerston our goals are to providing services and materials from old job sites that can be re-used and contracting them to manufacture components for projects that can be made off site with their woodwork equipment.

Ladeez indigenous cricket team

TB Construction sponsors the Ladeez Indigeous Cricket Team from Alice Springs in the 2019 Imparja Cup. The Imparja Cup Cricket Carnival has a proud Indigenous tradition and provides opportunities for Indigenous teams of men and women from major centres, Communities and schools competing in outdoor and indoor cricket divisions.

Bruce burnett - rising AFL star

TB Construction is sponsoring young Palmerston Magpies 16-year-old Indigenous player Bruce Burnett selected for NT Thunder Future Stars Program. Bruce will be required to travel interstate to experience elite football academies to endeavour a scholarship and we have been assisting with financial contributions. Bruce wants to do a trade in Construction as a Plumber as a school base apprentice soon and TB Construction will utilise our subcontractors to help find him an opportunity. TBC support Bruce with driving lessons to work towards his provisional licence which will have a positive impact on obtaining an apprenticeship.
Bruce has been away twice this year which TB Construction has funded his player fees and provided spending money and to buy warm clothes.

Banderson Brothers

2019 – TB Construction are proudly sponsoring Lamonte and Tarquin Banderson who have been selected for School Sport Under 15’s touch football interstate championships.

Healthy Women and children remote camps

TB Construction collects and sends second-hand clothing to communities such as Peppimenarti, Batchelor, Adelaide River and Tiwi Islands. We also collect items for Healthy Women and Children Remote Camps through Top End Health Services.

Vocational Education And Training (VET) In Schools

TBC works with Taminmin High Schools Construction program engaging in work experience placements for youth wanting experience in the Building and Construction Trade. We participate in inviting the school to work projects to allow hands on experience on jobsites.


It is our commitment to provide employment opportunities to local Indigenous people aiming to employ 50 percent of our staff to train and work in the Construction Industry. TB Construction has invested time and resources to train and mentor our Indigenous staff through learning, motivation, personal and financial support. Sustaining employment will allow us to provide on-going work and opportunities for our Indigenous workforce.

TB Constructions seek to:
  1. To ensure effective employment equity and skills development in the company and its sub-contractors throughout the project;
  2. To create Indigenous jobs; and to build the professional skills and number of Indigenous people and Indigenous enterprises in these fields.
  3. To promote positive local socio-economic impact from the project to the benefit of small and medium Indigenous enterprises, the disadvantaged and youth
  4. To achieve effective partnerships with Indigenous stakeholders;
  5. Provide an environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees are encouraged to achieve their full potential.
  6. Celebrate the knowledge, skills and history of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders and recognise the cultural diversity this knowledge brings to the workplace.
  7. Provide a workplace where cultural, social and religious systems practiced by Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islanders are respected.
  8. To ensure that a substantive proportion of the companies subcontracting, and procurement is to Indigenous enterprises;
Indigenous mentoring will be provided to Aboriginal employees:
As a mentor, we believe we have a significant role to play in shaping your mentee’s career and in contributing to the future capability of your company. There is a range of activities that frequently make up our contribution, they include:
  1. modelling desirable behaviours and attitudes;
  2. helping the mentee understand the values of our company;
  3. actively listening to the mentee;
  4. sharing your own relevant stories and experiences;
  5. helping the mentee to identify their goals;
  6. providing opportunities for learning and reflection;
  7. coaching the mentee to develop new skills;
  8. offering career advice;
  9. guiding the mentee to achieve objectives;
  10. providing insights into the culture of our company;
  11. offering constructive feedback; and
  12. providing regular encouragement.
We believe to be good mentors TBC offer support, direction, validation, motivation, and most importantly encouragement and understanding of cultural obligations. TBC believes our mentoring role is a rewarding one which we equally benefit from.